Hello dear craftspeople,

My name is Katya. Recently, I made this website to give an idea of how to make wonderful marvelous crafts. I myself, had trouble using my imagination until I found the app CraftGawker. This fantastic app shows the world of enthusiastic people that are willing to take the time to post there ideas. I got interested very quickly and soon involved and got into it. I tried the crafts I got and soon enough I started thinking like a craft women. I am so grateful to these dedicated people that rule the craft universe. And so an idea came to mind, "how 'bout' I make a website where I post different topics and work on them." And here I am, with this crafty website. I am so excited about posting daily and weekly with these new themes that keep on going. I hope this will inspire people to use there imagination in daily life. Please enjoy and share this to all your friends and family.
Always your sincere crafts women,


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