Jumbo-Towered Teaparty Set

"Make Tea, Not War."












This one is going to be about making my JUMBO-Towered beaded tea party set! This is perfect for gifts and party favors! I just love this one!


Well, back to my blog, this DIY is so easy! I didn't do a step to step picture blog this time because first of all you don't even need one and second of all: I forgot to.

All you need to do is stick on beads onto glue on a plate.... and that just sounds pathetic....


So, with all that said, "Let's Start!"

Firstly you need all your materials prepared depending on your glue that can dry fast. All the supplies need to be easily reachable by hand.


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        What you Will Need:

  • BEADS: all types of beads will work


  • GLUE: glue that will be able to hold everything: even the roundest of beads-                   Crafting glue, hot glue Gun, and Wood Glue will work perfecty


  • PLATES: uneeded plates that you can find in Goodwill, 99 cents Store


  • CUPS: uneeded cups and mugs that you can find in Goodwill, 99 cents Store





"Going to a party and don't know what to give? Make your guests impressed by this easy to make Jumbo-Towered Tea Set with all the materials already at home!"  



How to Make it:


1. First you will need to put glue onto a flat surface place into the borders of the plate.


2. Quickly drop in beads until you fill in all gaps with different types of beads.


3. Make sure every bead is sturdy in place and YOU'RE DONE!




And you get the FINAL result! A perfect gift and a fun and easy to go tea party!


You can use them for party favors, cute spring accessories for home, and last but not least: tea party crashing!


"The most trying hours in life are between four o'clock and the evening meal. A cup of tea at this time adds a lot of comfort and happiness."



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