Pastel Confetti Cake

the result
the result

I have finally completed one of my long waiting bucket list items: to make a Rainbow Confetti Cake.

This was definitely one of my most exiting projects I have baked in a while. Not only does this cake look supertastic, but it tastes spectacular too!


So, let’s get down to the process of making this cake.



1.  First you will need these supplies:

· 2-3 cans of icing

· 3 boxes of Vanilla Cake mix

· Food coloring (colors: red, yellow,   blue)

· Round baking pan(s)

· Sprinkles or toppings (optional)

2. Now make the cake batter according to the boxes instructions and then add your choice of color food coloring to the batter.


For starters on food coloring, click on this link for an easy guide to mixing food colors.


Cakeballs on the go

This is one of my new crafts, they are called cakeballs. Cakeballs are the first step to making cake pops. These are much easier to make and just quicker, faster, and cuter. These cakeballs make perfect presents and can get ready VERY quickly if you do all the baking the night before and start decorating in the morning. Cakepops and cakeballs are time consuming, so don't try to do everything at once.. Personally, I had a lot of fun making these cakeballs. I was kind of just experimenting, but everything turned out great, so I hope you will have the fun that I had making these! Have fun!



"My new creation"
"My new creation"




-cake mix (any flavor)

-frosting (any flavor)

-candy coating (if you can't find candy coating, use white or milk/dark chocolate)

-sprinkles, toppings (optional)



1. Make the cake mix according to the package instructions. Let cool before proceeding.

2. Using a food processor or hands, crumble the cooled baked cake.

3. Place crumbs in large bowl and mix with the frosting.

4. Roll into a ball until smooth and nice.

5. Decorate with leftover icing, sprinkles, toppings


do not own this photo
do not own this photo

Dainty and Darling Chocolate!


Happy Holidays!

i've been making some new blog posts, so check them out! This one is about how to make cutesy little healthy chocolate bars. What I like about them is that they are VERY easy to make! Not even joking. This is probably one of my easiest craft projects. They work as superior gifts and party favors that are on the go. Besides all of that... they are just a big bundle of joy! Have fun!


final result of dainty and darling chocolate bars
final result of dainty and darling chocolate bars



























This is my final result of the chocolate bars. This is the first time of me making them, and they turn out so well! These dainty and darling choclate bars are a win win situation! They turn out great for everybody. Believe me, you will have fun even just looking at these masterpieces of art! Have fun!

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