Hello Scrapbooking!

Hello Scrapbooking, goodbye desserts, its time to lose some weight. Just kidding, the desserts aren't going anywhere, I will still be posting blogs about them, but now Scrapbooking really comes in. That's because I have started a Scrapbook! It's not really a scrapbook, it's more of a "book" scrap ... because the scraps are in an actual book.


The story starts off when was I couldn't find a scrapbook in Costco, so I was just relaxing and looking through blog posts on CraftGawker... when I saw a post of making a scrapbook in an actual book! It was genius! I fell in love with the idea at once, and started right away... Here I am now, learning how to scrapbook. Whoohoo! Get along on the ride! Since I don't know anything about Scrapbooking, if you guys have hints or maybe just helpful answers to my questions about Scrapbooking, please comment. Thank you so very much! Well, back to my blog, I am going to make these little clay pendants that you can customize in any color and any design! It's a really easy craft... Again, and it takes less than a minute... Literally! They come out cute and look just gorgeous in and on scrapbooks and are the easiest presents. They work on necklaces, bracelets, scrapbooks, cards, and more fun and exciting crafts. I hope you guys read all of this, well, whoever actually read this all, is a very cool lad!

Have fun! :)



If you look closely into this photo, you can see that the pendants that I made in this photo is the big magnifying glass circle stamped with black flowers and the key on the left page in the right corner.. These pendants save my scrapbook because when I make just ugly mistakes all I have to do is stick on a stamped pendant which takes less than a minute to make! Believe me fellow craftspeople, these pendants will save your crafting life! Addition to all of that they turn out great even if you mess them up or just make them sloppy, like sometimes I do... "sometimes." 


So, with all that said, "Let's Start!"

So, first you will need just a little of clay and stamps. The amount of clay depends on how many pendants you want to make and what size. Pendants can be in all sizes and shapes so this projects uses a lot of imagination.  Have fun!





If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.



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